Pearl bracelets

Pearl bracelets by Zaman Rags®

  • Men's Bracelets

    Men's Pearl Bracelet. To buy a pearl bracelet for man is to succumb first to the charm of a natural stone, to acquire a trendy accessory. The men's bracelet can be worn alone or stacking (accumulated). Zaman Rags offers many models to choose from through the pearl bracelet skull, the luxury pearl bracelet, the lava stone bracelet, the pearl bracelet wood or the tiger eye bracelet, models are missing not.

    Remember each pearl bracelet for men is a unique model because of the singularity of the semi-precious stone and the coat of arms engraved on each of our bracelets, which will allow you to obtain a unique and personal style.

  • Women's Pearl Bracelets

    Pearl Bracelet Woman. Buying a pearl bracelet for women ZR is choosing a trendy style that is both chic and casual. Zaman Rags has created for you a choice of models to express your desire of the moment! The howlite & rose gold bracelet, the turquoise bracelet, the trio pearl bracelet, the luxury pearl bracelet or the adjustable size bracelet, everything is there for you to find your bracelet woman.

    It is important to know that each of our women's pearls is a unique piece, the singularity of a natural or semi-precious stone allows you to have a unique bracelet.

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